vy över klämmingen


Simple cabins by Gnesta’s main swimming area

There are four camping cabins located by the public swimming area at Klämmingsbergsbadet, about 5 km from Gnesta town. Each cabin has four fixed beds, a hot plate and fridge. Shower, toilet and dish-washing facilities are in a separate building.

Klämmingsbergsbadet is an EU beach which means that it is a swimming area with on average more than 200 bathers per day during the bathing season. It is located about 5 km north of Gnesta town.

There are sandy beaches, jetties, changing rooms, diving towers, showers, toilets and a small kiosk serving food. Here you can choose to be in the sunshine or shade depending on your mood.

The beach is equipped with a life-saving buoy and life raft for the safety of the swimmers. The beach also has a ramp for maximum accessibility.


Four cabins near the beach each with four fixed beds, hot plate and fridge.

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