Church museum at Frustuna church

The museum is located in Frustuna’s former church stables, built in the 1860s. The museum was finished in 1996 after a major non-profit effort by parish residents, and in cooperation with Frustuna local folklore society.

The church museum is located in the loft and is divided into two rooms. The first room has a small classroom and Frustuna parish’s former horse-drawn hearse, which was used at funerals up until the turn of the 20th century.

The museum opens on request, contact office on +46 (0)158 22100

Gryts church museum

In the north-eastern corner of the original churchyard at Gryts church is an old cabin which today houses a small museum. The cabin is built with solid logs, painted red on the outside and has an arched door which is treated with tar and lampblack. Above the door on the inside is written AFJ 1817. The little house was originally used as a chapel, above all for the poorest residents from the local workhouse.

Contact sexton Lotta Thunholm on +46 (0)158 40 164 for more information.

Gnesta Kalle’s museum

Rune Gnestadius, known as Gnesta-Kalle was a Swedish radio and TV producer, presenter, accordionist and conductor. Kerstin Gnestadius created a museum in memory of her husband which can be visited at Frustuna homestead in central Gnesta.
Call +46 (0)158 106 20 for a tour

Ånhammar farm museum

There is a unique farm museum at Ånhammar farm in Stjärnhov where the majority of items on show are related to Ånhammar manor and the von Stockenström family. The exhibits largely represent the developments that took place on the farm from being a farming society through to the present day, and there are today over 2,000 items to view. The collections include everything from agricultural equipment, tools, sports accessories, working carts and elaborate carriages to household tools and court clothing.

Read more here to visit and book a tour. External link.

Skottvång mining museum

The museum is predominantly home to items and pictures related to mining and charcoal burning, as well as some exhibits from everyday life in the forests. The exhibition presents former miners, in both picture and written format, as well as audio stories from the mine. In the middle of the room is a large barrel made of wrought-iron and oak with iron ore inside – so that visitors can feel for themselves what lies behind Skottvång. Large pictures all about the mining work behind the old barrel hang in the renovated mining headframe, and in one corner is the pneumatic drill put away after the last shift.

The museum is open Tuesday–Sunday 11:00–16:00 up until 12 August. It costs SEK 20 to see the exhibition. Proceeds go in full to running the museum.

When the museum is closed it can be booked on request – read more on our website External link.

Gustafsviks Levande Ljus & Café

Next to the café at Gustafsvik is a unique collection of old candles and items from the history of candle making, including items from the respected Liljeholmens candle factory. Here you can also see beautiful advertising posters and old candlesticks. You can buy candles in all shapes and sizes in the candle cabin.

More information here about Gustafsviks Levande Ljus & Café including opening hours. External link. 

Church museum at Frustuna church


Ånhammar farm museum

Skottvång mining museum

Liljeholmens blå paket med stearinljus

Gustafsviks Levande Ljus & Café