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Charcoal burning

Charcoal burning has a long history and traces left from the process can be found in the form of charcoal pits and charcoal stacks. The charcoal was predominantly used for ironmaking.

Östra Sörmlands Gruvförening and Galltorpsmilan are voluntary associations which work to preserve and drive forward a cultural heritage as well as offer visitors the chance to spend the night in the area. Every year the associations build a charcoal stack and burn tar at Skottvång.

For current programme information visit the associations’ website.

Mining museum

The museum displays above all items and images connected to work at the mine and the charcoal burning process, as well as objects from everyday life in the forest.

The exhibition presents former mine workers, in image and text format but also in sound format with stories told from the mine.

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These two voluntary associations are located in Åkers Bergslag and build charcoal stacks every year. For each association’s programme visit their websites.

Östra Sörmlands gruvförning Website: External link, opens in new window.

Galltorpsmilan Website: External link, opens in new window.


Åkers Bergslag

Charcoal stacks

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Skottvångs grufva

Skottvångs grufva

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