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Creative glassblowing

Ebba von Wachenfeldt forms and blows her own glass at Skeppsta Hytta, making both artworks and glass that can be used. Here you can come and watch how glass is made.

You can also book a time for a lecture or try out glassblowing yourself. Visit our shop, look at the art in our gallery, or just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and glass.

You can also try out glassblowing yourself. We offer classes in glassblowing and you can also come along to our test sessions. In just a few hours up to 30 people can try out some of the basic techniques.



Try out glassblowing at Skeppsta Hytta

Opening hours:

Wed–Sun 10:00–17:00 April–October

Skeppsta Hytta
646 91 Gnesta

Telephone: +46 (0)158 300 25

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Åkers Bergslag

Charcoal stacks

Skeppsta hytta

Skottvångs grufva

Skottvångs grufva

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