From ugly duckling to swan

129 colourful steps is the fabulous and vibrant result of a school project in 2012. All 8th grade students at Freja school in Gnesta worked on the project ‘My Gnesta’ which focused on public areas within the region. The work was based on Art Lab Gnesta and focused on creativity and influence. After a combination of walks around town, discussions about areas which are not considered attractive or safe enough, an interview with the municipality’s planning and building manager, and a good dose of their own creativity, the colorful stairs was eventually inaugurated on 23 May 2013 and has received much recognition.

"I want to feel good when I walk through Gnesta. Colour makes you happy. Grey inspires nothing.


Popular project becomes permanent artwork

Since the colourful stairway ’trappgatan’ was such a success, Gnesta municipality decided to order and buy the stairway as a piece of artwork. New steps were made in a durable material so that we will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

In order to protect the stairway against winter stresses it is dismounted during the winter months to prevent damage from shovelling snow, sand and salt. A sure sign of spring is when the stairs are put back again, and once again brighten up the surroundings.