“Making chocolate was a dream of mine for many years and now it has become a common interest to us both

Sternersborgs choklad

Living the dream

It was back at their flat on Kungsholmen, Stockholm, where Dennis and Ylva Strömberg started experimenting with chocolate pralines.

Today the couple have returned to Björnlunda with their three children. They are also today full-time praline makers under the name Sternersborg Choklad.

“Making chocolate has been an interest that Dennis and I have shared for many years. And turning a hobby into a fulltime job is a dream,” explains Ylva Strömberg.

The dream started one evening in what was then home in Stockholm. Ylva and Dennis took a course at Chokladfabriken, a well-known chocolate factory in Stockholm where the couple were regular visitors.

The course sparked their curiosity and they continued to experiment at home. “In the beginning we started testing cheaper chocolate. Now we only work with quality chocolate, which is more expensive and gives a whole different result. And it’s important that the ingredients as far as possible are organic and good quality,” continues Ylva.

Sterner’s carpentry shop

Their shop is located in central Björnlunda in the wonderful old art nouveau villa, Sternersborg.

Sterner’s carpentry shop was based here in the early 20th century, and produced such products as period furniture and church furniture. Today not so much in the way of furniture is built here but instead since the Lucia Day celebrations in December 2014 chocolate homemade pralines have been sold direct to the customer in the praline boutique.

House of opportunities

The 250 sqm house in Björnlunda has space for both a home and a praline boutique with chocolate-making kitchen. The boutique is open every weekday plus some hours on Saturdays.

After having just 43 sqm in Stockholm’s this spacious house brings fantastic new opportunities to develop the company.  “For a while Dennis worked as manager for disabled people’s housing and some people might recognise me from Swedbank, but now it really feels like the time is right to take the plunge and go for it together,” says Ylva.

And all the hard work means one step closer to our ultimate goal. During the spring Ylva took a course with gelato maestro Stefano Tarquino. Now Sternersborgs Choklad not only offers chocolate but real Italian ice cream – otherwise known as gelato. “It was a very inspiring course and felt like a logical progression from what we already serve here at Sternersborgs,” explains Ylva.

And now the garden is getting in shape for the summer. Space is being made in the beautiful and peaceful garden for tables and chairs.

Many dreams

And so the dream of living and working in the countryside has come true, at the same time as being able to develop what was once just a dream.

“We’re working towards becoming a destination, that’s what we really want. Above all to be able to show off the fantastic surroundings but also for the chance to serve really tasty homemade organic produce,” says Ylva.


Sternersborgs Choklad offers handmade fresh pralines made from organic ingredients and quality chocolate.

You can also buy homemade fresh Italian ice cream, so called gelato.

Sternerborgs Choklad
Stationsvägen 22, BJÖRNLUNDA

Telephone: +46 (0)158 133 00

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