Nature on your doorstep

When you visit us in Gnesta the countryside is always within easy reach. The varied landscape offers many different types of nature – natural pastureland, oak fields, natural pine and deciduous forests, and countless lakes!

There is a very rich birdlife here and 125 different breeding species have been spotted in the area, including some red-listed species such as the eagle owl, capercaillie and bittern.

The lakes make up a seventh of the municipalities surface area, and are a combination of flatland lakes, small forest lakes and deep rift valley lakes. Lake Båven is the most majestic of all the lakes with its many islands and its existence of the catfish – one of the few places in all of Sweden.



Sörmlandsleden – a natural treasure in Sörmland

Hike 1000 km through Sörmland’s diverse landscape, passing dense forest, open fields and smooth cliffs along the coast. Take the chance to also experience the old cultural landscape and historic monuments that can be found along the route.

The Sörmlandsleden is split into 62 sections, each between 10–15 km. The terrain varies from tough hiking to easy ‘Sunday walks’.

Read more about the Sörmlandsleden here.

Many nature reserves in our beautiful region

The nature reserves that dominate in Gnesta are chosen for their high biological value. This means that in most cases good mobility is required to visit these areas. The reserves do not always have designated parking or hiking trails which make your visit easier. But it is well worth it – after hiking kilometre after kilometre through production forest to then experience the ancient forests of the reserve where carpets of moss are soft and spongy, and capercaillie or grouse can be spotted just metres away.

Read here for maps and more information.