Naturpasset – the Swedish Orienteering Association’s answer to health & wellness

Naturpasset started in 1998 and is a natural first step into the world of orienteering. The map is your ‘passport’ to nature. During the summer months over 400 places around Sweden set out simple control points which can be visited by anyone at any time, and you don’t need to take your time. In addition to it being a fun form of brain exercise you get plenty of physical exercise and fresh air, which means improved health and well-being.

A package contains a map and control points and a PM which gives further information about what to do. You show that you have visited the control points by filling in a control code.

Around 50,000 packages are sold each year. Under the assumption that each package is used by 2–3 people this would mean that over 100,000 people follow Naturpasset every year.


Skogspasset consists of 30 control points in the forests around Gnesta.

For your assistance, a description of the control points is printed on the map. The control point has a screen with a letter on it which you fill into an answer card, boxes 1–30. A compass may be useful, not least to help you keep control of where north is, and therefore follow the map. You do this by making sure the north of the map (top of the map) is pointing in the same direction as the compass’s north.


Fotopasset has 20 controls, each of which is a picture. With help of the map you need to find the control points marked on the map. Once there you search for one of the pictures that are in the map’s plastic pocket. Once you have found the right picture for where you are standing you write the picture’s letter in the boxes 1–20 on the answer card. The order you follow is completely your choice. Fotopasset runs through Gnesta centre and you can follow it with, for example, a pram. You don’t need a compass here but you do need a good eye to find the pictures.


This year Cykelpasset has 20 control points at different sites around Gnesta. Our aim is that in your search for the control points you get to visit places you’ve never been before and access slightly more hidden routes in our beautiful Sörmland countryside. The tour combines tarmac and gravel tracks as well as shorter stretches on forest trails, which is why we recommend a slightly tougher bike. An alternative is to walk these stretches.

Since this tour is longer than the other tours you use a larger scale map: 1:50000. The description with small clues can be found on the back of the map. When you reach the control point you write the letter in the correct number box on the answer card, 31–50. Some of the control points are a short way from the road, so be prepared to take a few short walks.



Naturpasset costs SEK 100 for a complete set (i.e. fotopass and cykelpass, skogspass comes for free) or SEK 70 for each individual ‘pass’.

You can buy Naturpasset at:
Gnesta touristinformation
Gnesta Bokhandel

OK Klemmingen is our local orienteering club with approx. 300 members. Trainings and several competitions are arranged.
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